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Welcome to blogger’s corner, the page in this site with information that might be interesting to fellow bloggers, and pretty uninteresting to anyone else.  New or updated information will appear here from time to time.

I’d like to share some behind-the-scenes information regarding this site, its readers, and the numbers that can be gleaned from nifty features, like Google Analytics.

January 10, 2017


At the one-year mark, I’d like to share an update. E-mail subscribers have seen these stats. Thank you all so much for helping make this first year a resounding success!

As of Sunday, January 8th, the site consist of 153 posts and 26 pages. Fun facts from the first full year:

  • 425,000+ page views with 186,000 the last quarter
  • 100+ viewers from every state. Read in 169 countries, but not Greenland or Madagascar.
  • 640 e-mail subscribers
  • 299 Feedly subscribers
  • 2,375 Twitter followers
  • 143 Facebook page likes and 87 friends (note: Facebook made me list a “real” name. It is not my name, but I couldn’t keep Physician on FIRE as my profile name.


I’ve watched the Alexa (an Amazon company) rankings rise over the course of the year. We were briefly in the top 30,000 US websites for a few weeks and currently sit at ~ 37,000 US and 177,000 worldwide. My understanding is that the rankings are based on an algorithm that includes how many views your site has seen by browsers with the Alexa toolbar installed over the last 90 days.


I don’t know how valid the rankings are, but I do know that ranks higher than some sites I view on a regular basis including The Daily Gopher, The Minnesota Daily, and some outstanding FIRE blogs like Retire by 40, Root of Good, and jlcollinsnh, which is incredible to me.


I am a fan of Top 5 lists and have written up quite a few, although it’s been awhile. Here are the 5 most viewed posts on the site in the first year:

  1. Stealth Wealth: I’m Just an Ordinary Average Guy 7,544 views
  2. Double Your Money with the Rule of 72 6,739 views
  3. My Path to Financial Independence 6,672 views
  4. A Tale of 4 Physicians: The Impact of Lifestyle 6,312 views
  5. Financial Independence versus Financial Freedom 5,704 views


The first and fifth posts are new to the list since last quarter. The top post benefitted from a share and lengthy discussion on the Bogleheads forum. The Financial Freedom post was one of five posts featured by Rockstar Finance in 2016. Thanks, guys!


Top 5 referring websites:

  1. White Coat Investor: 2 guest posts and forum participation sent some solid traffic my way. Thank you, Dr. Dahle! (15,744 referrals)
  2. Twitter: I’ve been more active on the site lately.(8,064 referrals)
  3. Rockstar Finance: 5 features! (7,718 referrals)
  4. Retire by 40: A guest post and a feature in his “Early Retirement Blogs for Everyone (5,787 referrals)
  5. 1500 Days: A 10 questions guest post and comment interaction (3,519 referrals)


Since starting my Christopher Guest post and Sunday Best series, I have sent many readers off to explore other great content online. Here’s where I sent the most readers — The Top 5 Most Clicked On:

  1. The Happy Philosopher (2,398 clicks)
  2. Early Retirement Now (2,312 clicks)
  3. 1500 Days (2,188 clicks)
  4. Future Proof MD (1,640 clicks)
  5. Kevin MD (1,612 clicks)


The top 4 have all submitted Christopher Guest posts. I should invite Dr. Kevin Pho of KevinMD, shouldn’t I? I will also point out that The White Coat Investor would be high on this list (likely #1) but Jetpack somehow is unable to record clicks to his site.

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