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I have met at least two physicians over the years who told me they planned on retiring at age 45. 

In My Story, I talked about the life circumstances that led me here, to create this blog after achieving financial

A donor advised  fund (DAF) is an excellent and tax-efficient way to give to charity.  The vast majority of my

Physician burnout is a hot topic lately.  The trade magazines, e-mails, and even popular media have been featuring stories on

Let’s consider 4 physicians who live decidedly different lifestyles in terms of spending. I like to crunch numbers, and the

In a previous post, I shared with you the Top 5 Reasons to Retire Early. Let’s briefly review those. Retire

Have you ever seen the John Cusack film, “High Fidelity“? No? That’s OK, you don’t really have to see the

Financial independence is a great life goal with many tangible and psychological benefits.  Before we get into those, it’s important

How did I become the Physician on FIRE? Good question. It wasn’t until I was nearly 10 years removed from

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